Rock & Roll Palace

I had heard about “Jon from Woodstock” for many moons. He was a mythical figure who would descend...


World Elephant Day: Meet Reed Nirula of Wildlife SOS

World Elephant Day is an international holiday dedicated to the preservation and protection of the world’s elephants, a...


Designer Spotlight: An Interview with Anderson Somerselle

Anderson is a force of nature. He landed at John Rosselli knocking over some display units and a...


Designer Spotlight: At Home with Genevieve Gorder

Years back, Genevieve Gorder swept into my showroom (and life). She looked deeply into my eyes and said...


John's Connecticut Home

If you are reading this blog, you most likely know that I am a pattern and color junkie....


Meet Dasati

There are some designs that just keep finding themselves in my collections, season after season, year after year....


Coloring Pages

We hope you enjoy these coloring pages as much as we enjoyed making them. Don't forget to tag...


Designer Spotlight: An Interview with David Mann

I am a big fan of David Mann and Fritz Karch of MR Architecture + Decor. Many years...

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