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How to Care for Sheets

John Robshaw cotton sheets on bed
  1. Wash sheets weekly. Even if you shower at night, sheets get dirty while we sleep.
  2. Use cold water on delicate cycle for both cotton and linen.
  3. For best results, wash sheets by themselves. This ensures detergent reaches them, but also minimizes wrinkles. It also keeps things like zippers and other clothing items from ripping or scratching the sheets.
  4. Tumble dry on low and take out immediately when done and fold. This will keep them wrinkle free.
  5. For a crisp and cool sheet, we love line drying sheets in the summer.

Tips from a Stylist:

  • Take sheets out when slightly damp and air dry to avoid wrinkles.
  • If you accidentally leave sheets in the dryer for a while, you can put a damp towel in the dryer and run for 10-15 minutes.