Going Going Goa

My memories of Goa are from twenty years back: the palm-lined funky Anjuna beach, the lithe hippies covered in jewelry and dreadlocks (and attitude) selling all their earthly possessions on beach towels. People who lived out on the skinny branches of existence. I wanted to join them or at least grab some of their style. Goa has exploded since then. The foreigners have settled for good and more Indians have...

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Sri Lanka

  Upon landing in Sri Lanka, I immediately wanted to compare it to India. At a swanky dinner party in a renovated colonial mansion, the smartly outfitted host gently reprimanded me to leave India in India- so I did that. With that, I could behold Sri Lanka opening up before me- a land of Buddhist, Tamils, Muslims, and Christians recovering from a war but moving forward, surrounded by perfect oceans, rambling jungles,...

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Kashmir Srinagar

  Who has not heard of the vale of Cashmere, with its roses the brightest that earth ever gave its temples, and grottos, and fountains as clear as the love-lighted eyes that hang over their wave. - Thomas Moore, Lalla-Rookh   Expecting machine gun bunkers, I was pleasantly surprised to just stroll out from the airport in Srinagar into any other Indian town except with air-the fresh, soft alpine! I am...

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As Swami Vivekananda reminded me (on a poster I found on a wall in Pondicherry), “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached!” My goals for any trip are to always discover new ideas, new places, colors and textures, and upon these to meditate and ruminate until my consciousness is recharged and I feel as though I might levitate a few inches off the ground. Such was my state...

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Mix It Up

Tips on how to mix and match pillows. 1. Same Color? Mix up Patterns, Texture, Scale and Shapes. 2. Same Pattern? Mix up Scale, Shape, & Color. 3. Same Shape & Scale? Mix up Pattern & Color. Garden party with 22 x 22" pillows of all different colors, textures & patterns. 4. Same Texture? Change up Color, Shape, Scale & Pattern. Explore Pillow Bundles

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