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I first saw beading when I started going to India as a beaded dress mule many years ago. I would smuggle over dress patterns and beads from Paris for runway dresses for some of the large fashion brands. Now that those dark days are behind me, I have tried my own hand at beading since it’s such an incredible technique and has always intrigued me. Traditionally Muslim men always do the beading work, and I always admired the incredible patterns they could create - since I have fat fingers I could never get the beads to behave!

See the needles of different sizes depending on the bead size.

The fabric is stretched on a frame and the beader sits with his legs under the frame, so they can be close to the fabric. The needles are fed beads one by one.The thread is inserted with the bead following.

The bead is fixed then the thread is pulled up and knotted. The thread is kept under the stretcher and guided into place.

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