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04.08.2020 / Just for Fun

John Robshaw Zoom Backgrounds

Want to Zoom from John Robshaw's living room in Connecticut, his workshop office in New York, or just have some fun John Robshaw wallpaper to dress up your video chats? We've got you covered. Our team has created John Robshaw backgrounds to provide some fun changes of scenery all from your laptop.

Here's how to set up a Virtual Background on Zoom:

  • Right-click (or Control + click on Mac) any images you like
  • Choose "Save As"
  • Open Zoom
  • Click the Settings icon in the top right-hand corner
  • Select "Virtual Background" and add the image you like
  • Here's the full tutorial from Zoom

We'd love to see your backgrounds in action, so don't forget to send us your screenshots and tag us on Instagram at @johnrobshaw.



John's Kitchen

Download Image

John's Office

John's Living Room


John's Gazebo

Download Image

John's Patio

Download Image

John's Yard

Download Image


Gaja Graphite Wallpaper

Kulina Moss Wallpaper

Suka Moss Wallpaper

Download Image

Ratana Gray Wallpaper

Ratana Lavender Wallpaper
Ratana Indigo Wallpaper
Download Image