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Tips on Creating a Beautiful Table

We’ve asked some of our favorite friends & designers for their tips on creating a beautiful table and party, outdoors or in, with John Robshaw tabletop.

1. Mix & Match

“For casual outdoor eating, don’t worry about matching everything. Be creative by using mismatched plates and glasses, fill the center with florals and greenery. And don’t forget to set the mood with candles!”

Shown in photo: John Robshaw Aina Coral Napkins

2. Incorporate a Seasonal Touch

“I love to mix my garden flowers, small bowls of fresh berries and potted plants for a very seasonal and layered summer table.”

Shown in photo: John Robshaw Asra Sage Tablecloth & Napkins

3. Choose a Color Palette

“Blues and whites are the perfect color scheme for summer. Fresh blue eggs from my Easter Egger hens are the perfect natural decor, with the added butterfly bush blooms to pull the look together.”

Shown in photo: John Robshaw Asra Indigo Tablecloth, Vakula Periwinkle Placemats and Aina Light Indigo Napkins

4. Add a twist!

“Include an element of the unexpected - it keeps momentum going and prevents the dreaded dinner party slow burn. I’ve surprised dinner party guests with a caricature artist (reveal & share the drawings over dinner) and ‘dessert in disguise’ (bring out wigs for those in attendance to wear at the end of the meal). It makes it all more memorable and fun.”

Shown in photo: John Robshaw Pavati Sage Placemat and Stitched Napkins in Coral (not included in sale)

5. Keep it Simple & Stylish

“It’s always fun to layer placemats with tablecloths, both for utility and for good looks.”

Shown in photo: John Robshaw Aina Sage Napkins