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03.18.2021 / Just for Fun

2021 Pillow Horoscopes

Astrology is quite popular in India, and since today is International Astrology Day, the first day of the astrological year, and the beginning of spring for those of us in the northern hemisphere, it seemed like a perfect time to have some fun with a pillow horoscope.


For the most bold and audacious of the zodiac signs, our hand painted Tiger pillow, the Madhum.


Our hand woven king euro is a perfect place for serene Taureans to pull up a pillow and meditate.


Geminis have two times the power, and our signature hand painted Two Elephants pillow reflects that pursuit.


Cancerians, a water sign, are thought to be quite intuitive. Grab our outdoor pillow, the Ketki, which is part sea, part sky, and gaze at the million constellations.


Leos are royalty. They won't forget it with our hand blocked metallic Diwan in silver and gold. Let your stateliness shine.


Virgo is an earth sign, and the Valli pillow with a rhythmic rustic garden will showcase your down to earth and systematic approach to life.


Libras are represented by scale and balance. Our Ruhi hand painted pillow of two elephants will bring any off-balance room back to equilibrium.


Scorpios, apparently, are quite psychic. There's no more powerful pillow than our Verdin euro with the Nazar symbol, used by the Turks to ward off the evil eye. You will cast the friendliest (and most powerful) of eyes with this pillow by your side.


Always the adventurer, the Sagittarius will get happily lost in the forts, elephants and bird of our Tato Teak decorative pillow.


Capricorns are said to love to socialize, and any of our woven ikat pillows will bring the party to any setting.


Aquarians are revolutionary in every area of their life, from their hobbies to their fashion. Our Manduka upcycled pillows made from fabric scraps painstakingly stitched together is perfect for this innovative big thinker.


The quintessential water sign, Pisces are forever split between the fantastic and the real. Our hand blocked Sheetal in varying blues reflects the myriad of intricacy this sign beholds.

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