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Meet Dasati

There are some designs that just keep finding themselves in my collections, season after season, year after year. I first introduced the ‘Dasati’ aka ‘Verdin’ years ago.

The nazar block design is a symbol, or talisman, used to ward off and protect against an ‘evil eye’ (a curse).

I cast a friendly eye using this design in vivid peacock blues in a linen and cotton duvet set, greens, gold, silver & blue options in decorative linen pillows, and my favorite greens in a  fabric to cover your favorite chairs or headboard.

I even have a few bags in the pattern if you just want a lucky amulet to carry with you on your journeys.

No matter what form the Dasati takes, I promise it will put your worries to sleep, or at least cover them in a lovely print.

Design: @digsdesignco, Photo: @

Design & Photo: @gramercyhome


Design & Photo: @cailinicoastal


Design & Photo: @beckley_design_studio


Design & Photo: @foleyandcox

Design & Photo: @amy.textiel 


Design & Photo: @ivylaneliving