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06.03.2021 / How To

Creating a Cozy Nook

Why is it conversation in a nook is so engaging? A nook is defined as a right angle or a small secluded corner. We love seeing them in any room and are big believers in creating a perfect cozy spot to start the conversation. Here are our three favorite tips to create your nook.

This nook uses our Vintage Stripe Coral and Mathura Lapis fabric. Photo: @nturnerdesign


This dining nook has a great mix of our block printed pillows. Photo: @southernlivingmag

Our pillows give this nook a pop of color. Photo: @her.styling

1) Width and height are key.


Make sure your measurements take into account the cushion height underneath you (so they aren't too high) and the pillows behind you (so your seat isn't too narrow).

Our pillows help make this nook the perfect napping spot. Photo: @isacattostudio

Our hand painted pillows give a special character to this space. Photo: @collins__interiors

2) Think about color.

We love a nook with a point of view. There are some color winners here that floored it here with one color, but you could also go with all primary or pastels.


This unique nook has custom cushions made from John Robshaw fabric. Photo: @torusinteriors


This nook utilized a number of our pillows. Photo: @saintmalobeachheaven

3) Decide how many pillows you want (and then double that number).

More is always better when it comes to comfort. Euros and bolsters are the heros when it comes to the nook.


This nook features our best selling Verdin EuroPhoto: @palmerweiss @patrickclinephotography


Custom nook for John's Connecticut home, made entirely with John Robshaw fabric and pillows.