2023 Reflection - John Robshaw Textiles
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2023 Reflection

A late year trip to India was just the thing for me. Collaborating with talented makers in various formats from printing to weaving is what keeps me motivated.

I still stay in old palaces turned hotels that are a bit run down. It reminds me of when I started. You might ask for a fresh lime soda three times before it arrives, or your shirts come back from the laundry with no buttons - ah, the quirkiness of India.

Whether in the back of a bumpy car stopping to buy vintage lassi cups and Naga stools for my shop or going to the Craft museum to bathe in the history of textiles, I am in heaven. I walk out into the sunlight full and happy with the world.

I found a heap of antique rugs from Punjab in crazy colors - I grab them all. (Get one quick, they are selling fast.)

I visited the Calico Museum of Textiles in Ahmedabed, possibly the best museum in the world for Indian textiles. The same lady who took me around 30 years ago is still leading the tours!

In Jaipur one workshop just started hand screening and we were throwing color down on the screen table to make large blue and white panels that look like Chinese landscape paintings.

I often think of mentors I’ve had along the way. I am grateful and thankful. I try to pass on the things I have learned.

In the year ahead, I will look for new colors, new ideas and new challenges.

Whether something succeeds or fails, make good use of the experience. Obstacles standing in your way become the way. Nothing good is granted by the gods without effort and application.