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2023 Pillow Horoscope

It’s International Astrology Day and the stars are aligned. Here’s your pillow sign, according the the zodiac, of course!


Aries is bright, colorful, and full of surprises, just like this embroidered pillow.

Himmat Decorative Pillow


When you can take a moment to enjoy the hand painted details, you’re blooming Taurus.

Sunny Marigold Decorative Pillow


Mysterious and blue, this pillow is reflective just like you Gemini! And also just like you, it works well in any environment.

Panav Outdoor Pillow


Cancerians love a cozy spot. Meet the Aleppo King Euro: A classic print, oversized shape, with a multitude of different ways to cozy up.

Aleppo Indigo King Euro


Fiery, deep, and vibrant, the Jaivant Decorative Pillow is sure to work in any Leo’s home.

Jaivant Decorative Pillow


Grounded, tall, and courageous, this tree represents some of the best traits of Virgo.

Apple Tree Decorative Pillow


Libra loves to stand out, so having this unique floral pillow in your home makes total sense.

Oja Kidney Pillow


Full of deep symbolism, Scorpio is mysterious and unexpected, much like the butterfly.

Lapis Butterfly Decorative Pillow


This unexpected and colorful hand printed chevron pillow is a great way to bring the uplifting Sagittarius energy to a home.

Girivar Bolster


See the Capricorn in this classic pillow; refined, tested and true, with a bit of unexpected flair.

Lapis Metallic Euro


No-one expects you to blend in Aquarius. Bring your depth and whimsy to your home with this extra-long and extra-chic lumbar pillow.

Vintage Stripe Indigo Lumbar Pillow


Deep as the ocean and tons of fun, this pillow feels like a party. Mirror accents will help you dance the night away Pisces.

Zaara Kidney Pillow