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03.18.2022 / Just for Fun

2022 Pillow Horoscopes

Happy International Astrology Day! To honor the occasion, we thought we’d share  our pillow recommendations for each zodiac sign.


Butterflies have many meanings, but they’re known best for their metamorphosis. It’s Aries’ nature to be fire-hot in one moment, and cucumber cool in the next, shedding your skin.

Coral Butterfly Decorative Pillow


The earthy tones and cool blue-greens should speak well to your calm and collected energy. Cozy up Taurus!

Gohar Decorative Pillow


Show off your style with the best of both worlds! Bright coral, light indigo, and seaglass are an unexpected and excitingly pleasant combination, much like your personality Gemini!

Irha Decorative Pillow


Printed palms on a deep blue recall a reflective and calming vacation on the ocean, which is exactly what you’re craving Cancer.

Isbah Decorative Pillow


Strike up a conversation with the exciting applique design of this pillow inspired by organic architecture. They’re sure to be impressed, Leo.

Nuha Decorative Pillow


The thoughtful blues and greens, high quality fabric, and intricate pattern of this pillow should speak to your nature Virgo. It’s especially practical as it can be used both indoors and out.

Yug Outdoor Pillow


It’s no secret that your sign is fair and just, but others should know by now that you also love to look good! This horse is dressed to the nines just like you. Strut your stuff Libra.

Prancing Horse Decorative Pillow


Dark and moody, with finely drawn dashes and dots, this pillow is sure to express your intriguingly mysterious nature Scorpio.

Eda Euro


Small lotus flowers block printed on a rich orange stand out and bring a sense of cheer. Be the life of the party Saggitarius!

Aleesa Decorative Pillow


A classic Mughal flower in gold and silver makes a tasteful statement, and the neutral background makes it easy to fit in any room. A suitable fit for any thoughtful Capricorn.

Ayna Decorative Pillow


As an out-of-the-box thinker, an Aquarius will love this block printed fabric that has been cut and sewn together to make an entirely new and inventive pillow.

Couching Decorative Pillow


A classic blue and white block print on a new and fun miniature pillow size will speak to your innovative and adaptive nature. You’re standing out in your own unique way Pisces!

Myrthi Mini Round Bolster