John Robshaw Classics

Classic prints in new colorways. Three new colors of our best selling Cinde sheets and our iconic Lapis quilt has now been reimagined in a limited edition blue and brown.

Our Shop is Open

Come visit us in our first ever John Robshaw shop in Falls Village, Connecticut. Explore one-of-a-kind vintage Indian furniture, textiles, bedding, and of course lots and lots of pillows.

A Printed World

The spirit and prints of John Robshaw's 20th anniversary collection are brought to life through artist Alexander Theodoropolus.


Tour John Robshaw's Home

John's Connecticut home is an ode to his maximalist style and the brand's eclectic, global, and bohemian point of view.


Tour John's NYC Apartment

Our homes are a reflection of our lives, as our lives change our interiors adapt - and John's apartment on the edge of Chinatown is no exception.

Why choose John Robshaw

Our Process

John Robshaw has persisted through the years finding the most skilled artisans to work with to maintain his commitment to producing unique and hand crafted creations. His sharp eye for beauty and originality helped John come upon just the right block carvers, dye masters, printers as well as quilters, weavers and seamstresses to bring his designs to life.

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