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Recycle Robshaw

Big style, small carbon footprint. Limited edition items made from repurposed fabrics.
Recycle Robshaw

Recycle Robshaw

When I started making textiles, I was always reminded by the workshops that we would have lovely odd dye lots in handmade, handcrafted textiles, and if I could think of other things to make out of them, that would help the workshops save money. This also made for an interesting design challenge - to rethink what the print and weight of the fabric could work as. A quilt voile could become a robe or a kurta, but not sheeting - so with Recycle Robshaw, it’s more of a challenge and a command at the same time. These extra fabrics are mine, and I'm happy to take credit for them, as well as to reduce my carbon footprint. It's been fun trying out some new ideas in the form of zany blazers, teddy bears, tents, or even car covers... and if you have any ideas, please pass them along!

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