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Back to the Loom

Fabric is elemental in how humans have evolved and progressed. However, it seems that its use and production have reached the pinnacle at the expense of traditions. John Robshaw Textiles and Filip + Inna present the Back to the Loom Project. Back to the Loom aims to revive, preserve, and assist the different Philippine indigenous groups in their weaving traditions across the archipelago. The project will finance the purchase of new looms and the establishment of a weaving center for Yab Man and her daughter Elena. Yab Man and Elena are T'boli tnalak weavers who serve as good examples in how they have promoted the T'boli culture through their fabric creations. Part of the grant will also go into the training of new weavers, as well as offering financial support to open a bank account for their business. Back to the Loom Project's first home in Lake Sebu aims to jumpstart an interest in abaca fabric, which is endemic to the island of Mindanao. This project will hopefully be then replicated in other indigenous groups on the island of Mindanao. As warp and weft intertwine in this endeavor, we hope that it will ultimately reveal a tapestry of colors that will inspire, helping people appreciate and value not only tradition, but also the work of the hands. For more information please visit the Filip + Inna website.